Joseph has been trading for 16 months and only had 1 year accounts for his self employed business. He had been to see the high street in house mortgage adviser at the bank he had his business account with and they said their criteria was a minimum of 2 years accounts they needed. Joseph and his wife had found their dream home and really wanted to offer on it but was worried they couldn’t.

After a brief call into ourselves at Leeds Money, he soon realised that the high street mortgage adviser could only offer the products that bank had and that our broker at Leeds Money had many more options. A lender was selected that would use the 1 year accounts and working with Joseph’s accountant we got him and his wife the mortgage offer. 

We really can help you if you have 1 year accounts, a dip in profitability for one of the years trading or anything that your unsure of, just drop us an email at or a call on 01132 499 399 and we would love to help you. 

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